Always open your mind to new facts. Don’t always look for information that supports your theory, look at the other side too.  Disagreeing is healthy when both sides are civil, and discussion is a thing people should do more.

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California Transients Hunting a Gray Whale Calf

Hey guys! I’ve been down in Monterey, CA. the past few days and I was lucky enough to witness California Transients hunt and kill a gray whale calf. Here are a handful of the photos I took. We spent all day on the water and witnessed the hunt from beginning (when the whales hadn’t even located the mom and calf) to the very end (when they were feeding). It was heart wrenching and intense, but a once-in-a-lifetime experience I’m thankful to have had!

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An in-depth look at possible inbreeding in the captive killer whale gene pool.


First, the basics:

There are currently 46 killer whales in captivity, excluding the 7 Russian captures, for now. Those 46 whales are descended from 23 founder whales; 13 females and 10 males.

Let’s now look at one of the hottest debate topics — inbreeding. I’ll be using a scale to indicate how much of a chance there is that an animal is inbred, and putting all of the 46 whales into a category.

3 — parents share an ancestor; definite, confirmed inbreeding (Nalani, Adán, Keijo).

2 — ancestors captured during the same operation, or from the same pod; inbreeding highly likely (Takara, Keet, Keto, Valentin, Kohana, Kalia, Trua, Earth, Sakari, Luna, Kamea).

1 — ancestors captured from the same population; inbreeding somewhat possible (Kyuquot, Shouka, Unna, Lovey, Inouk, Tuar, Tekoa, Lara, Wikie, Nakai, Ikaika, Skyla, Ran II, Malia, Makaio, Moana, Rin).

0 — ancestors all captured from different populations, or animal is of foundation stock; extremely minimal to nonexistent chance of inbreeding (Corky II, Lolita, Katina, Kasatka, Kiska, Ulises, Freya, Tilikum, Bingo, Stella, Orkid, Kayla, Kshamenk, Morgan, Makani).

Going by these, we can consider the whales in category 0 and 1 to be as genetically sound as the average wild killer whale. That’s around 69% of the total population.

That’s the basic picture, but we can take this further by looking at the instances of inbreeding and at what level they occur in each whales pedigree. To do this I’ll take the inbreeding scale level of every pairing in a whale’s pedigree and add them up. The higher the number, the more likely an animal is to be inbred at greater levels — and remember that these numbers do NOT follow the previous inbreeding scale.

0 — Corky II, Lolita, Katina, Kasatka, Kiska, Ulises, Freya, Tilikum, Bingo, Stella, Orkid, Kayla, Kshamenk, Morgan, Makani.

1 — Kyuquot, Shouka, Unna, Lovey, Inouk, Tuar, Tekoa, Lara, Wikie, Nakai, Ikaika, Skyla, Ran II, Malia, Makaio, Rin.

2 — Takara, Keet, Keto, Valentin, Moana, Kamea.

3 — Kohana, Nalani, Earth, Sakari, Luna.

4 — Kalia.

5 — Trua.

6 — Keijo.

8 — Adán.

So, if this is even a little bit accurate (and I’ll be the first to say that this method is incredibly flawed), then that makes Adán the most inbred killer whale currently in captivity, followed by Keijo. That actually makes a lot of sense and gives me confidence in this formula. What are your thoughts?




There’s this one blogger on here that I look up to soooo much. They’re a pro-cap (technically; they never give themselves a label but have said before that that’s how most people refer to them), and maaan oh man. You wanna talk about unbiased facts? Actual intelligent research? Always 100% respectful of /everybody/? This person has it all, and more. They’re pretty much the person that I look up to the most on here.

it needs to be known that this post was about cetuscetus



Seriously though, this means like so much to me and gahh I actually don’t have the words :3 *hugs everyone*

You two and a whole host of others on this site - including but not limited too (don’t anybody feel left out!) kyrrahaf, darling-taima, lovingorcas, stumpytheorca (I saw you guys in the notes and couldn’t leave you out) - are lovely people and make this site a much better place to be :) *spreads some love*

earth-to-andrea reblogged your post Kalia’s Pregnancy: Ultrasound Video and added:

"He’s the one who said the father is most likely Ulises." Could this have happened naturally? It’s

Sorry I took so long to reply to this! His exact words (I got it on video) were “I believe it’s Uli… yea they AI’d her with Uli”.The reason I said “most likely” is because he didn’t seem 100% sure, but I figured he must have significant reason to believe the father is Ulises to state it. Since I posted this others have come out saying that they believe she’s been AI’d with multiple different male’s sperm, so this could be the reason he was not definitive in his answer.

I hope this helps :)

Anonymous asked: That anon is dumb. I'm anticap, and I'm upset about Kalia's pregnancy, but I think you're a good person and I appreciate you letting us know what's going on. Keep being awesome! :3

Thank you so much anon, I really appreciate the kindness! :)

I honestly was not trying to upset anyone with that post (I mean, I knew some anticaps would be upset by the content but I didn’t post it purposefully to upset them, if that makes any sense) and I really do like and think its important to share information as much as possibly within the ~community so people are better informed.

You keep being awesome too :3



First it was the weather…Now it’s Easter…I wonder when they are just going to admit that controversy is a culprit.

easter happens every year lmao

I believe these are the Q1 stats, which is January, February and March. Last year Easter weekend fell in Q1 but this year it fell in Q2 (April-June). I believe that what they’re trying to say is that because Q1 had one less holiday weekend this year than it did last year, the attendance figures are lower.

Guess what this crazy chick is about to do. 300ft (as tall as SeaWorld’s sky tower for some perspective) :p

Guess what this crazy chick is about to do. 300ft (as tall as SeaWorld’s sky tower for some perspective) :p

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In regards to Kalia’s pregnancy; whilst her age does concern me it seems it is not unheard of for a wild orca to give birth at around the age of 9 (Kalia will be nearly/10 if the December date is accurate). R38 of the Northern Residents was first seen in 2000 and her calf, R52,…

Oh don’t get me wrong, I do understand why people are upset but there are a small few (mostly on YouTube) crying “whales never breed at 9 in the wild!”, which is seemly false. I understand it’s not the average (I’ve heard 13-15 from different sources).

I was thinking about why they did it so early, and my theory was that because it is her first calf there’s always a chance she may not be the best mother. If the December date turns out true, Kasatka still could be nursing Makani by then so could aid her in caring for the calf. I’m not saying it’s the only reason, the main one being they want more babies because they are crowd pleasers, but it could have been a factor in their reasoning.

Anonymous asked: why did you post that video now all the anticaps are angry and seaworld will be pissed. your a stupid bitch.

I debated about posting it but I figured that unless the pregnancy goes wrong in the next few months, people would start to figure it out by themselves and would still surely be as pissed? If SeaWorld didn’t want me to know they:
a) shouldn’t perform an ultrasound in public view
b) should tell their staff not to talk about it around guests - he wasn’t being quiet about it and was sitting about 5-10 feet away interacting with a whale at a guest interaction session.

I’m sorry if I’ve upset you anon, but there’s no need to be rude about it.